Welcome to Jill Thompson Taxation Services. We specialise in personal expatriate tax, assisting US citizens and foreign national executives working in the UK, with completion of UK and US tax returns, and related tax planning.

Jill Thompson has over 35 years of experience in the field of US/UK tax compliance. She recognises that individuals need a tax advisor that they can trust to navigate through their, often complex, tax filing obligations, and who will provide a personal, professional and prompt service, efficiently delivering the best and most appropriate tax solutions.

Jill offers a range of tax services, tailored to every client’s individual needs. Rather than applying a fixed fee scale, Jill will listen and understand your requirements and will quote for her services as appropriate on a personal basis.

The preparation of US and UK tax returns can be daunting, and specialist knowledge is needed to understand the various elections that can and should be made to reduce taxes or increase foreign tax credits or take advantage of foreign tax treaties. Residency rules, business days spent in the UK/US all impact personal tax filing positions and there are many complex forms to be filed. The correct reporting and treatment of UK tax payers and US tax payers is Jill’s area of expertise.

Do get in touch, by phone, or by email, or complete our on-line enquiry form and we will respond promptly.

Jill runs her small business practice with a highly experienced team of tax and accounting specialist staff working with direct involvement from Jill every step of the way, to ensure that your experience working with us is reassuring, giving you peace of mind that your tax filing obligations are being taken care of in the most tax efficient way.