We provide a comprehensive US tax preparation and advisory service, including:

Preparation of your US individual Federal income tax return, to include filing of any required extensions and advice on estimated tax payments.

Preparation of your US individual State income tax returns, if these are required, including filing of any required extensions and related advice.

Advice on the interaction between the UK and US individual taxes, for US citizens and green card holders resident and working in the UK. Assistance with tax planning, taking into account the two tax jurisdictions, including advice on potential treaty claims under the UK US double tax treaty.

Assistance with filing of Foreign Bank Account Forms (FBARs).These forms are an essential filing requirement for all US taxpayers with foreign (non US) accounts and there are significant penalties for non-filing of these forms. The forms are filed separately from the tax return.

Preparation of prior year US individual tax returns and advice for those US citizens,green card holders or accidental Americans who are in arrears with their US tax filings, including assistance with filing of catch up returns under the IRS streamlined compliance initiative – to include preparation of Foreign Bank Account Forms (FBARs) for delinquent tax filers and completion of form 14653.

Dealing with IRS enquiries / audits. We can help you make your dealings with the IRS more manageable.

Advice on completion of form 8938:This form covers non US/foreign assets held by US tax payers.