We provide extensive personal UK tax and advisory services including specialising in the correct reporting and taxation of non-domicile UK taxpayers.

Preparation of your UK individual self-assessment tax return, calculation of your tax liabilities with detailed instructions on how to pay / claim your tax refund. The tax return will be sent to you via a secure portal or as a pdf document and will be filed electronically with the tax office to expedite processing of the tax return. As part of this service we check your annual tax coding notices from the tax office.

Advice on your residence and domicile status in the UK. These are both key to how you will be taxed in the UK and may offer some tax saving opportunities, so early advice on or before arrival is vital.

Advice on overseas work days relief, available for the first three years of residence. Advice on record keeping, structuring of offshore pay arrangements and bringing earned income back into the UK.

Preparation of UK individual tax returns for non UK residents, with on-going sources of income within the UK e.g. rental income from a UK property, including tax projections and liaising with rental agents to avoid tax witholdings at source and capital gains tax issues.

Managing your UK tax payments, as an optional service, we will review the statements of accounts issued by the tax office and advise you on when payments are due.

Advice on tax saving opportunities, given your particular circumstances; covering issues such as the intended length of your stay in the UK, participation in UK or offshore pension plans, the tax implications of buying or renting property in the UK.