I specialise in assisting US citizens and foreign national executives working in the UK with completion of their UK and US tax returns, and related tax planning issues.

Having worked in the area of personal expatriate tax for over 30 years, I recognise that individuals need to find an advisor whom they can trust with their tax affairs and who can deliver an efficient and personalised service, within agreed time frames. My objective is to process post within a couple of days of receipt to identify what action / follow up is required and I aim to be readily available to clients, either on the telephone or by e-mail, so that when queries do arise I can respond quickly.

I offer a range of tax services; each tailored to your specific requests so there is no fixed fee or standard service. I strive to listen to what you need from a tax advisor and tailor my service and my fee quote accordingly. I recognise that personal tax is often a daunting and complex area, and I hope that I can unravel this for you so that you can understand how it impacts your situation – for some clients this might mean going line by line though their tax return form, whilst for others it will be appreciating as an overview how different elements of their income / deductions are treated.